08/05: Leuven.Inc Technology seminar: "Drive through your senses"

Organised by Leuven.Inc in cooperation with VeroTech. Powered by Flanders' Drive

With on average 1.2 Million road deaths every year, safety is a major concern which will shape the future of the automotive industry. How will the future of car safety look like? Will your car wake you up during moments of drowsiness? Will it break for you or steer away from an imminent collision?

Nowadays the development in driving comfort is linked to safety improvements. The driver is more and more assisted to safer and smoother driving. The sense of security is re-enforced when he/she knows that systems monitor their driving. But where is the limit when the machine over-rides the driver’s input?

This seminar brings together experts in the field of innovative car technologies. Vision, trends and technologies will be presented with a focus on applications in collision detection, shared haptic control and detection of driver drowsiness. The event will be concluded by a panel discussion which will give the opportunity to have different points of view on all topics.

Practical details:
Date: Tuesday 8 May 2012
Location: Innovatie- en Incubatiecentrum, Kapeldreef 60, 3001 Leuven (Heverlee)

Registrations before Wednesday 2 May, 2012, preferably via the online registration form (use the 'Register' button) or by email to admin@leuveninc.com (including all contact and invoice details).


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